Fry and bake at the same time?Say hello to iPinium Technology™

Imagine nailing crispy baked potatoes, or bringing back to life your left-over pizza without a soggy bottom. OnePan aluminum oven trays with their patented iPinium Technology™ absorb the temperature around them – which means they become very hot, very quickly in the oven. This gives them the unique ability to fry food from underneath while baking from above. Double whammy.

What does iPinium Technology™ mean?

50% quicker cooking times whilst preserving nutrients, texture and taste.

Defrost frozen foods at room temperature in rapid time.

Oven trays for life – OnePan’s re-coating service ensures you always have a fresh non-stick frying tray at home.

Dishwasher friendly – the non-stick coating makes washing up less washing up.

Goodbye to baking paper – with the ceramic and PFAS-free non-stick, nothing sticks

The magic’s in the minerals

Everyone’s got a secret. Ours is the unique blend of minerals that goes into producing our aluminium. It’s a result of years of collaboration between Swedish chefs, engineers and food experts that has resulted in patented iPinium Technology that gives OnePan oven trays the power to absorb, store and transfer heat so effectively you can prepare your food in half the time.

Why re-invent, when you can re-coat

At some point your tray is going to show the signs of wear and tear. By sending your worn tray back to us to be re-coated, you’ll be engaging in our circular system which is designed to have a lower environmental impact and address over consumption, while providing you with professional grade kitchenware, for life.

Breaking conventions – see what your oven can do

Ever thought you’d fry a steak or a salmon fillet in the oven, and still get perfect results? With iPinium Technology you can fry and bake at the same time and you don’t have to worry about smoke and odors in the kitchen. Explore our table below to find out how quick you can cook food using a OnePan oven tray with iPinium Technology compared to a standard oven tray.