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Re-coatable kitchenware, made to be used. Circular for real.

Why should kitchenware be toxic and only have one life?

Discover our range of non-stick frying pans and oven frying trays, free from PFAS – all casted from a special blend of recycled aluminium that provides an even heat across the frying surface. Designed by top chef Tareq Taylor and circular kitchenware innovators, iPinium, with a quality that enables us to restored them to new once the non-stick coating eventually wears out. So you never have to buy a new one, ever again.

Own your cooking, lease the pan

Everyone deserves top-notch cooking experiences. With the One+ Subscription, you get all the benefits of having professional grade kitchenware, without paying the price for it. When you lease your pans, we make sure your products stay in non-stop, non-stick shape. 

The truth is that all non-stick products will wear out with time. Instead of then throwing your pans away, wasting valuable material,  we offer a solution that saves both money and CO2 emissions. 

OnePan by Tareq Taylor

OnePan was founded by chef Tareq Taylor in collaboration with Mikael Wallborg from the kitchen innovation company iPinium - to challenge the norm. Primarily because they found it extremely illogical to throw away high-quality products only because the very top layer is worn out. But also with the vision to liberate every home from toxic non-stick products containing PFAS. The fact that the products have a robust design, made to endure multiple lives, also gives the them premium cooking qualities. Hence, you could say that OnePan is created by chefs for other home chefs with ambition.

  • ★★★★★

    Jan / OnePan 28

    High-quality pan. A significant difference in sturdiness compared to a traditional non-stick pan. Heavier but not too heavy, and it’s evident that it’s built to last. Great ceramic coating. Very satisfied!

  • ★★★★★

    Carina / Re-Coat OnePan 28

    Quick service, excellent frying pan returned. Like new, we are super satisfied!!

  • ★★★★★

    Ulla / OnePan 28

    FANTASTIC. Could not believe the frying pans would be as good as the baking sheets. What a cooking surface. Excellent products and fine service. I have many different brands of frying pans. But these beat them all.

Re-Coat your OnePan in 3 simple steps


Look up which OnePan size and model you have at home. Add a ‘Re-Coat’ for this product to your shopping basket and check out as normal.


Within 2-3 days, you’ll receive a shiny, already re-coated OnePan in the post. This way you never have to be without a pan.


Use the same box to post your old OnePan back to us within 10 days and we’ll work our magic to make it as good as new, ready for the next owner.