The radical idea that OnePan is all you'll ever need.

Why choose OnePan?


OnePan frying pans and oven trays come with a ceramic coating containing silicon, meaning they’re completely free from toxic chemicals like PFAS and can be used with all utensils.

Circular for real
Every OnePan can be restored to like-new once the non-stick coating eventually wears out, so you never have to buy a new one, ever again.

Made to be used
We put all our collective experience as chefs to the test to create high-performance products, good enough to stand the heat of professional kitchens.

  • PFAS-free non-stick coating

    OnePan's products are completely free from toxic PFAS, and they always will be.

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  • Exceptional Performance

    Designed by chefs, suitable for professional kitchens with excellent heat distribution.

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  • Circular AND sustainable

    Products and materials are reused, recycled, and restored, giving you kitchenware for a lifetime.

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Are you still seasoning your food with PFAS?

A scratch in a cheap, low quality frying pan that contains PFAS releases over 9,000 toxic nanoparticles into your food. Research indicates that PFAS are carcinogenic. OnePan products are completely PFAS-free. Say no more.

We do what others just say – circularity for real

We’ve joined the rally of circular business models around the world that are contributing to reducing their negative impact on the environment. Our focus is making products from materials that can be reused, recycled, and circulated, instead of ending up as waste. This way, we decrease both the amount of waste and the strain on natural resources.

We can fix this

Take, make, waste? Nah! Not on our watch. OnePan products are made to be used, over and over again. You wouldn’t throw your car away if the tires were worn, would you? Nor should you consider getting a new pan if the non-stick coating is worn.

Fry and bake at the same time? Say hello to iPinium Technology™

OnePan aluminium oven trays are manufactured using patented iPinium Technology™ that absorbs the temperature around them – so they become very hot, very quickly in the oven. This gives them the unique ability to fry food from underneath while baking from above.

  • ★★★★★

    Jan / OnePan 28

    High-quality pan. A significant difference in sturdiness compared to a traditional non-stick pan. Heavier but not too heavy, and it’s evident that it’s built to last. Great ceramic coating. Very satisfied!

  • ★★★★★

    Carina / Re-Coat OnePan 28

    Quick service, excellent frying pan returned. Like new, we are super satisfied!!

  • ★★★★★

    Ulla / OnePan 28

    FANTASTIC. Could not believe the frying pans would be as good as the baking sheets. What a cooking surface. Excellent products and fine service. I have many different brands of frying pans. But these beat them all.