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Own your frying. Subscribe to always having a fresh pan at home.

Ready to break the norm?

Introducing One+ Subscription

Our "Product-as-a-Service" initiative, One+ Subscription, is designed to make a circular lifestyle more accessible. We want to remove the dilemma of choosing between food sticking, toxic non-stick options, or the hefty investment in premium pans that are destined for disposal.

How does it work?

As a One+ member, you pay a small monthly contribution instead of buying the product out right and we'll send you a OnePan-product of your choosing. You can then use freely, and when the non-stick performance fades with time, we'll send you a a freshly Re-Coated pan from our circular system — feeling just like new. Simply return the one you have, and we'll Re-Coat it, preparing it for its next user — all covered in your monthly cost. Our system allows you to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 times with each "Re-Coat" instead of purchasing a new pan.

We'll make sure you have non-stop non-stick

The pan , Re-Coats*, and the One+ Community included from 59 SEK/month

Try OnePan for free for 30 days
If you're not satisfied, no obligations to continue.

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Try new circular solutions and enjoy offers, discounts, giveaways, as well as tips and recipes from Tareq Taylor and other chefs.

No commitment
Cancel your subscription whenever you want before your monthly renewal**

* One Re-Coat every 18 months in included.

**Upon cancellation, you will need to return your OnePan product.

**If you cancel your One+ membership after 30 days and before 18 months, a return fee of 495 SEK will be charged. No return fees thereafter.

Why One+ Subscription?

Everyone deserves top-notch cooking experiences. With the One+ Subscription, you get all the benefits of having professional grade kitchenware, without paying the price for it. When you lease your pans, we make sure your products stay in non-stop, non-stick shape. 

The truth is that all non-stick products will wear out with time. Instead of then throwing your pans away, wasting valuable material,  we offer a solution that saves both money and CO2 emissions. 

One+ for the climate

 A newly manufactured OnePan (and similar frying pans produced within the EU) has a carbon footprint of approximately 30kg CO2, according to two different life cycle analyses conducted by both Chalmers and Högskolan i Väst. When we restore a used OnePan to its original condition through a Re-Coat, only about 1.5 kg CO2 is emitted – that's 20 times less than during new production including freight.

By joining One+, you become part of a community that contributes to encouraging more people to use products that never has to be discarded. And that's how we can begin to stop the production of new ones.

Toxic-free for your well-being, and for future generations

In most products with a grease or water-repellent function, such as non-stick frying pans, functional clothing, makeup, ski wax, and candy wrappers, there are toxic substances from a chemical group called PFAS. PFAS has been shown to induce cancer, disrupt fertility (with conditions such as PCOS), and cannot be broken down by nature. Therefore, it is present in both the water we drink and the air we breathe.

OnePan aims to provide products that are maintenance-free, easy to cook in, and where nothing sticks. However, our promise to you is that we have never, under any circumstances, added a single PFAS chemical to our products. And we never will.

A circular frying pan – not just because it's round

Would you tear down an entire house if all it needed was a fresh coat of paint?  Probably not. In a world where kitchen utensils are bought, used, and discarded within just a few years, we challenge the norm.

When the food starts sticking in your pan, and you’d typically endure it for a while before getting tired, throwing away the pan, and buying a brand-new one, we help you live more sustainably and economically. When the coating finally wears out, we preserve all valuable materials, blaster off the residual coating, repaint the top layer, and restore your OnePan to a shining new state. We call it Re-Coat.