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The radical idea that OnePan is all you'll ever need.

Don’t get sentimental, but this really is the last frying pan you’ll ever need to buy. With our sustainable circular system, you buy once and re-coat for life.

We do what others just say – circularity for real

We’ve joined the rally of circular business models around the world that are contributing to reducing their negative impact on the environment. Our focus is making products from materials that can be reused, recycled, and circulated, instead of ending up as waste. This way, we decrease both the amount of waste and the strain on natural resources. It is a crucial aspect of sustainable consumption and conserves the planet's limited resources while promoting sustainable humanity.

Why buy new when you can reuse?

For us, the first step is ensuring our product's sustainability. We do this by making sure every part of our pans and trays are sustainably made. From the 100% recycled aluminium bodies, to the non-toxic, PFAS-free ceramic coating.

All this without compromising on premium quality.

Re-Coat to Re-think your effect on the environment

OnePan is uniquely designed for its non-stick coating to be repainted repeatedly without sacrificing quality. For a third of the cost of a new premium pan, you can re-coat your OnePan, receiving a like-new pan from our circular system, reducing up to 95% of CO2 emissions compared to buying a new pan.