PFAS is a harmful group of man-made chemicals that is used to repel dirt and can be found in everything from non-stick pans, such as Teflon, to makeup, ski wax, and waterproof/functional clothing. Research shows that PFAS can cause cancer and fertility problems for humans. It is also called the forever chemical as it can never be broken down by nature. Because of that, it exists in both the water we drink and the air we breathe.

The difference is that a non-stick pan containing PFAS releases these toxic chemicals at the slightest scratch or if you overheat your pan. A OnePan does not, as we produce our pans without PFAS. Instead, we use a ceramic coating that can be broken down by nature and is harmless to the human body – even if you get a scratch in your pan.

Like any coating (such as house paint or nail polish), the non-stick coating on frying pans and oven trays will naturally get worn out with use. Our whole model is designed to allow you to Re-Coat your ONEPan instead of throwing it away when the non-stick inevitably starts to stick. This way, we save resources both for you and the nature. Because the coating wears out naturally with use, we cannot offer a lifetime warranty on it.However, we are so confident with the performance, quality and durability of all other parts of the products, such as the casted recycled aluminum, our resilient induction plate and the crafted stainless handle on our frying pans, which is why we can promise you a lifetime warranty on them. So when you buy a ONEPan, it should be the last time you ever buy a new pan.

All coated cookware wears out sooner or later. But do you tear down your whole house when the wall paint is starting to wear out? Our guess is no. Once your nonstick coating has been worn out, you can easily order a re-coating of your product by purchasing a "Re-Coat"here.

When you buy or get a OnePan product, you're invited into a circular system where no material goes to waste unnecessarily. In the box that your OnePan came in, you received a serial number on a warranty card. In order to officially become a member of our circular re-coating family, you'll need to register your product with your serial number. You can register all of your OnePan products here.

Other benefits with registering your OnePan products are:Warranty

Our promise to you is a high-quality, premium product. If something’s wrong with your OnePan, we want to right that wrong as soon as possible.

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If you have an old serial number of 4 digits, please contact us at info@onepan.se and we’ll give you a new one.