Re-Coat | OneSheet
Re-Coat | OneSheet

Re-Coat | OneSheet

Re-Coat | OneSheet

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A scratch is not the end of the world, or your OneSheet. Today, most coated kitchenware is bought, used and thrown away once only the very top layer is worn out. This means that we unnecessarily dispose of valuable aluminium and waste energy in producing completely new products. We've innovated oven trays that are tough enough to tolerate a re-coating process - so when your non-stick starts to stick, we're here for you.

Re-Coat: how does it work?


Add a ‘Re-Coat’ for this product to your shopping basket and check out as normal.


Within 2-3 days, you’ll receive a shiny, already re-coated OnePan in the post. This way you never have to be without a pan.


Use the same box to post your old OnePan back to us within 10 days and we’ll work our magic to make it as good as new, ready for the next owner.