OnePan + OneSheet
OnePan + OneSheet
OnePan + OneSheet
OnePan + OneSheet
OnePan + OneSheet
OnePan + OneSheet

OnePan + OneSheet

OnePan + OneSheet

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20% cheaper Ceramic Non-Stick Premium Frying Tech PFAS-free Re-coatable
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A frying pan and a frying tray, completing each other in perfect symphony!

OnePan created the world’s first circular frying pan. Coated with a durable ceramic non-stick coating, which is completely free from all PFAS chemicals. The robust pan body is built to tolerate a Re-Coat over and over again, which means you'll never have to through it away or buy a new pan again, ever.


The best thing? The same goes for the frying trays! All of OnePans products are re-coatable and a part of our circular system. With unique, patented technology that fries food from underneath and bakes from above in the oven, our recycled aluminium frying trays will transform the way you prepare food, cutting cooking times and preserving the texture, nutrition and flavour of your ingredients. 


OnePan + OneSheet includes:

OnePan 28

OneSheet Large

  • Re-coatable: part of our circular system
  • Ceramic non-stick without toxic PFAS
  • Made from recycled aluminium
  • Cook like a pro with premium quality

Re-Coat: how does it work?


Add a ‘Re-Coat’ for this product to your shopping basket and check out as normal.


Within 2-3 days, you’ll receive a shiny, already re-coated OnePan in the post. This way you never have to be without a pan.


Use the same box to post your old OnePan back to us within 10 days and we’ll work our magic to make it as good as new, ready for the next owner.