What is PFAS?


PFAS is a group of harmful chemicals designed to repel water and grease in products we use every day. Through production, use, and "recycling" of products containing PFAS, toxins are released into the water we drink and the air we breathe.

8 facts about PFAS

    1. PFAS is found in cosmetics, ski wax, performance clothing, candy wrappers and non-stick frying pans
    2. PFAS is carcinogenic
    3. PFAS contributes to reduced fertility, both for men and women (eg. PCOS)
    4. PFAS can never be broken down by nature or recycled
    5. A scratch in a non-stick frying pan containing PAS, such as Teflon, releases over 9 000 nanoparticles of PFAS
    6. Therefore, PFAS is being banned by the EU
    7. There are over 10 000 variants of PFAS chemicals, and more are being introduced all the time 
    8. Marketing claiming a product is PFOA-free is misleading, as PFOA is just one of these thousands of PFAS chemicals 

    OnePan never uses a single PFAS chemical in any product, ever.