Gear up with our set of oven trays - Roast & Bake

Now we've bundled together our deeper favorites in a package offer you won't want to miss. Three oven trays in different sizes - all with our patented technology that cooks food from below and bakes from above in the oven. Perfect for roasted potatoes, focaccia, or a crispy lasagna.

OneRoast och OneBake together makes the ultimate kit. 

OneRoast is the heart of the Roast & Bake kit. With our unique technology, you can now frie food from underneath and bake from above in your own oven at home, the result is nothing but magical. Imagine roasted potatoes that in just a few minutes gets a crispy frying surface on the outside. Our oven trays have PFAS-free non-stick coating, so you no longer need to use baking paper or worry about cumbersome cleaning of your oven tray.

In the Roast & Bake kit you get two sizes of OneRoast - large and medium, to suit your cooking needs. Whether you want to create a crispy focaccia, a magical lasagna, or a creamy potato dauphinoise, OneRoast is your secret weapon.


For those who love to bake bread, OnBake is the ultimate tool. Our OneBake, made in 100% recycled aluminium, has the same unique, patented technology as all our oven trays. Bake moist bread with a perfect crust in your own oven at home and achieve results that have previously been reserved for professional bakers.