Circular Economy instead of Linear

Circular Monday always occurs on the Monday before Black Friday, which in the year 2023 is November 20th. It is a global movement that encourages reevaluation and, hopefully, a transformation of our approach to consumption. The focus shifts from overconsumption and impulsive buying decisions to promoting circularity and sustainability.

On the Circular Monday website, companies worldwide that offer circular goods or services are listed. Naturally, OnePan is one of these companies, as circularity permeates our entire operation on all levels.

OnePan has always aimed to be more than just a kitchenware brand. We exist to change how kitchen tools are produced and used—and what happens to them at the end of their lifespan. We have committed ourselves to take responsibility as part of the solution to the challenges our world faces today, and our circular business model is the foundation of everything we do. Non-toxic, circular, and sustainable!

OnePan x Circular Monday


By engaging in circular shopping, you, as a consumer, contribute to reducing the negative impact on the environment. Circular economy specifically focuses on how products and materials can be reused, recycled, and circulated, instead of ending up as waste. This way, we decrease both the amount of waste and the strain on natural resources. It is a crucial aspect of sustainable consumption and conserves the planet's limited resources while promoting sustainable humanity.

Small changes can make a big difference, and therefore, everyone should consider their own consumption habits and explore circular alternatives, not only during Circular Monday but as part of a long-term lifestyle change



A Circular Business Model


We often ask, 'Do you scrap your car just because the tires are worn?' or 'Do you demolish your house just because the paint is peeling?' 10 times out of 10, the answer to these questions is no. So, we wonder, why discard a product containing perfectly intact materials just because the outer layer is worn?

OnePan, unlike virtually all other frying pans on the market, is designed for its non-stick coating to be repainted over and over again when it becomes worn—without compromising on premium quality. Invest once, restore to like-new condition forever.

With the purchase of a Re-Coat, there is 20 times less carbon dioxide emissions compared to buying a new frying pan, and after 5 lifecycles, the pan has saved a whopping 68 times less carbon dioxide emissions—crazy, right? You also don't have to worry about ingesting any nasty microplastics since all our products are free from PFAS—and will always be.


Learn more about how we at OnePan work with circularity here:



Welcome to the circular family!


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