Kitchenware with more than one life

Discover our range of frying pans and oven trays without added PFAS – all casted from a special blend of recycled aluminium that provides an even heat across the frying surface. Designed to be re-coated with a sustainable non-stick coating once worn out, so they can be reused again and again and again.

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Re-coat your OnePan in 3 simple steps


Add ‘OnePan Re-coating’ to your basket. At checkout, enter the serial number of your original OnePan (can be found on a card inside the box,or on your registration email).


Within 4-5 days, you’ll receive a shiny, re-coated OnePan in the post.


Use the same box to post your old OnePan back to us within 10 days and we’ll work our magic to make it as good as new, ready for the next owner.